Tackling Torture
Video Contest

Stop torture by the US.  Obey the rule of law.

Video Contest Rules


  1. Contest is open to both amateur and professional videographers of all ages and from any country.
  2. The language of the contest is English.  Videos in other languages must have subtitles or be dubbed in English (if necessary).
  3. Videos must be between 30 sec to 5 min in length.  NOTE: No preference is given to longer or shorter videos.
  4. Videos must be original content
  5. All videos must be in mp4 format, at 480 or 720 dpi only.
  6. Send videos through WETRANSFER.COM (https://www.wetransfer.com/) website to tacklingtorturevideo@fastmail.fm  Be sure to include IN THE MESSAGE AREA: 1. YOUR NAME, 2. YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS, 3. YOUR CITY/STATE/COUNTRY, 4. TITLE OF VIDEO.  Any submissions without these FOUR pieces of information will not be considered.
  7. Finalists will be required to submit short bios and optional photos of themselves for publicity purposes.  Winners will be required to submit contact info to allow receipt of their prizes.
  8. Submit your video to one of two categories: Serious or Satirical/Parody
  9. DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS MOVED TO JANUARY 9, 2014 (12th anniversary of the Yoo/Delahunty OLC memo stating that the Geneva Conventions did not apply to "enemy combatants", one of the first steps in the US government's attempt to legitimatize torture.  Two days later, on January 11, 2002, the infamous prison at Guantanamo Bay was opened.. Deadline for submissions is October 1, 2013.
  10. Twenty finalists (10 in each category) announced January 16, 2014.  Preliminary selection made by members of Tackling Torture and the Top and WAMM
  11. NOTE: contestants are urged to have their friends and associates vote for their videos.
  12. JUDGING AND AUDIENCE VOTING COMPLETION DATE MOVED TO JANUARY 30, 2014. Judging and audience voting completed October 21, 2013. 
  13. ANNOUNCEMENT OF WINNERS MOVED TO FEBRUARY 7, 2014.  (12th anniversary of Bush's memo claiming that the Geneva Conventions didn't apply to prisoners in the "war on terror".) GALA PRESENTATION OF ALL FINALISTS AND PRESENTATION OF PRIZES IN MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA, DATE AND PLACE TBA (SOON AFTER ANNOUNCEMENT.)  Announcement of winners and gala presentation of all finalists and presentation of prizes at the end of October,  in Minneapolis, Minnesota, date and place TBA.
  14. All video creators will be invited to post their entries at T3's youtube channel following the contest.

Videos will be judged on:

  1. Clarity of message
  2. Usefulness for informing the public of the various issues surrounding the US's use of torture, including the US's lack of pursuit of accountability for authorizing torture or committing torture, negative effects of its use including blowback and the immorality and unethicalness of its use.
  3. Creativity
  4. Craftsmanship
  5. Entertainment value
  6. NOTE: no preference will be given to any particular length of video


First (Elimination) Round:

FIRST (Elimination) ROUND:  This will be judged by members of T3 and other members of WAMM.  This round will reduce the number of contestants to 10 videos in each of the two categories (20 finalists total).  Elimination-round judges reserve the right to eliminate videos that are deemed offensive regarding race, creed, ethnicity, sexual orientation.  We will favor videos that parents of teenagers may be comfortable allowing their children to view (generally "PG-13").

Second Round: Jury Prize

JURY PRIZES: A jury of film professionals and experts on the use of torture will determine the Jury Prize winners.  Jury members will not know the status of the Audience Prize voting.

Jury Panel

Second Round: Audience Favorite Prizes

AUDIENCE FAVORITE VOTING: The 20 videos will be posted at this site (embedded from youtube) for viewing and general voting for the Audience Prizes. Anyone can vote for the Audience Prize.  Each voter can choose 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices and the tallying will follow the rules of "Instant Run-off Voting".  Finalists are encouraged to get the word out and solicit votes!

Four Prizes awarded:

  1. $500 Jury Prize, Serious category
  2. $500 Jury Prize, Satirical/Parody category
  3. $300 Audience Favorite Prize, Serious category
  4. $300 Audience Favorite Prize, Satirical/Parody category